Sunday, August 16, 2009

NOÖ [10] NOÖ [10] NOÖ [10] NOÖ [10] NOÖ [10] NOÖ [10]

NOÖ [10]

After four years of independently producing and distributing a free literary and cultural magazine, online and in print, here's what we ended up with: a skirmish of unicorns, a couple of hairy hands, tomatoes with a little dish soap, foxes chasing your head, banjo clocks, nice asses, a lady with birds, rabbits, and fish coming out of her mouth, people voted simply "most likely," a diner that transforms into a tyrannosaurus rex, love on Ferris wheels, milk the mythical moth, smiling for candy, walking for patience, and a spittle bug.

Deep thanks to all our contributors and to our wonderful readers who have supported us and indulged our kooky ways through these first ten issues. Please have a read at [10] and see what you think. And stay tuned to this blog! There are Magic Helicopter and NOÖ releases, announcements, contests, and multimedia planned for the whole week! Boom for real.

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P. H. M. said...

Basquiat is one of my favorite movies, bro.