Monday, April 19, 2010

NOÖ Weekly April 19th Edition! Guest Edited By Carrie Oeding!

New NOÖ Weekly! Guest-edited by Carrie Oeding, this week features Mary Biddinger, Angie Mazakis, Scott Poole, Star Rockers, and Martin Arnold. Inappropriate penny loafers, casual escapes, President Nixon's best friend, tuna sandwiches for Christmas dinner, and scarab beatles--all of this and more awaits your eager eyes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

funny statistic about NOÖ Journal and the Million Writers Award

Jason Sanford has been posting some cool statistics about the Million Writers Award at his blog. Here's one I'd like to add: Because we're such slackers, NOÖ only published one issue in 2009. In that issue, only two of our stories were over 1000 words (thereby meeting the criteria for Million Writers Award Story Notability): Kim Chinquee's "One Below" and Crispin Best's "At the End of This Story Three Months Will Pass." Both stories, however, won Notable Story mentions. Therefore (you probably see where this is going) 100% of NOÖ's eligable 2009 fiction won Million Writer Awards. Not that we're competitive or anything, but I hate losing at tennis, and I like posting 100% in large font. Next round's on us, eh? Thanks to all our contributors and submitters for allowing us to showcase such amazing work. We're here because you're awesome!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

going to awp? come to these things!

1) Thursday Afternoon Dewclaw reading! (Click image to see bigger)

2) Friday Afternoon Panel on Independent Publishing!

Noon-1:15 PM | Friday | April 9th

Room 108
Colorado Convention Center, Street Level

F150. Indie Mags: Publishing Outside of MFA Programs and Other Institutional Support. (J.W. Wang, Aaron Burch, Dave Clapper, Mike Young, Jennifer Flescher, Blake Butler) Independent journals provide an alternative to the established journals affiliated with universities and creative writing programs, and they frequently serve as pioneers in the world of literary publishing. Join editors from Tuesday; An Art Project, Hobart, NOÖ Journal, Juked, Lamination Colony and SmokeLong Quarterly for a roundtable discussion about the workings of independently-published literary journals, what it takes to keep them going, and what these journals mean to potential contributors.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"a toothed walleye / is not worse than being down fifty"

This week's NOÖ Weekly is guest-edited by Gabe Durham and features Sarah Boyer and Brian Baise! Scone toasting on the heart! A statue that may or may not be funny! Check it out.

Congratulations to Kim Chinquee and Crispin Best!

Hooplah's in order for Kim Chinquee and Crispin Best, whose stories from NOÖ 10"One Below" and "At the End of This Story Three Months Will Pass" respectively—are Notable Stories in the storySouth 2009 Million Writers Award. Blammo!