Thursday, August 28, 2008

officer i swear

Welcome to the official NOÖ Journal blog! This is different than Editor Mike Young's personal blog. It's also different than the front page of NOÖ Journal, which is where we post NOÖ related news.

Why all the confusion?

My friends, these are confusing times. As the governor of Alaska, I've stood waste-deep--wait, waist deep, yeah, I have a very pretty waist--in a vat of trouble that was also a vat of fine Northwest suckerfish.

Seriously enough: this blog is intended to keep NOÖ an open node in the world of small press and online literature. What we'll do here is post about the accomplishments of our contributors: new books, new gallery shows, etc. We'll also post about new issues of magazines we like, new chapbooks from presses we like, all that sort of stuff.

If you're a contributor or a literary venture, and you have anything you'd like us to post about, send an email to with FOR BLOG in the subject line, and we'll get right on it.

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