Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mike loses a bet. Sam Peczek wins a contest.

Congratulations to Sam Peczek (pictured at right) for winning our 1 Line Sequel For 1 Free BoTW 2009 contest with her one line sequel to Evelyn Hampton's NOÖ [9] poem "I Am A Lion Birthing A Kitten:"

"In some future time and place I meet a milkman who knows about a tidal wave headed straight for all my villages; I smash a bottle of half fat over his head and run until I taste something metallic and wrong."

All the entries were delectable and a sweet romp through the NOÖ archives. The choice of winner was hard but fun, like water polo. Many thanks to all who entered! Sam's copy of BoTW is currently skating across the Atlantic Ocean.

Me, I am not skating across anything. I am sitting in a coffeeshop across from someone who just bought a truck cap from a guy named J.D. in Orange. He just said "Free's free. I'll give you some cash for it." Also, the answer to "What color is it?" is apparently "Okay." Then, when he hung up, he called J.D. Dan, except I think his name is Dan, the guy buying the truck cap, and J.D's name is still, even with his truck cap sold, J.D.

All of which is to say that I lost a bet with my co-editor, the suave and studious Ryan Call, during the editing of NOÖ [10]. See, in Kim Chinquee's story "One Below" is the line "Some big hit was playing" except Kim had written the line as "Some bit hit was playing." Ryan thought it was a typo. I thought it was a turn of phrase. We made a bet. He won. Now, as per the terms of the bet, I have to post a picture of myself from when I was ten years old:

Stay tuned tomorrow for the release of a new Magic Helicopter e-book and a new contest! And maybe even more news about who is sitting around me, like a person playing Banana Grams!