Thursday, March 31, 2011

fwriction : review

Sorry about the delay. Sometimes real life and the imaginary lives we wish to lead clash into a form of submissiveness called exhaustion. I’m sure many of you can relate. For those that can’t, then you should receive medals and share your secrets.

In my online stumblings, I happened upon fwriction : review, which is a nifty online literary journal. I fell here first and then worked my way backwards, back and back to bigger and larger collections of writing and writers—I always do things backwards.

For those that stumble and tumble, don’t let this online literary magazine fool you—it’s a Tumblr in disguise (or not really, it only took me a few seconds too long to realize that I could “follow” or go to my “dashboard” from the website—I’m guilty of tumbling). How backwards did I get?

Well, fwriction : review is the sister site of fwriction, also disguised as a Tumblr—I’m still going to say disguised, you can’t stop me. fwriction has lots of goodies like the story of the day to lose yourself in. Larger than that, its mother, Fictionaut, is there to check up on her daughters weekly. In one of those check-ins with Fictionaut, Danny Goodman, the creator of fwriction and fwriction : review, stated lovingly, “I am better at promoting other people’s work than I am my own, and that led me to the journal. I love discovering new writing, sharing it with the world. fwriction : review gives me that opportunity.” Now who wouldn’t want to submit their work to this journal if it receives this kind of primo treatment? Between these two sisters, you can get lost for hours. If the age difference doesn’t bother you, I’d see what Mommy Dearest is up to, as well. See if she’d want to go out for a drink.

Warm-welcoming in regards to submissions, if you’re a writer (I bet you are) then lay down your best and send it off to a good home. All rights remain with the author, so no bamboozling allowed. Unfortunately, “fwriction : review is unable to pay its contributors, but your work will have a wonderful, nurturing home, complete with a link and posting on the main fwriction site and on Twitter/Facebook.” If money’s your aim, then you’re obviously here for the wrong reason. Who wouldn’t want to submit their work to this journal? It’ll be loved and squished to death in hugs and attention.

New pieces will be posted once a week, on Thursdays, giving each accepted submission a good amount of time to be showcased. Three times a year, a “Best Of” will be put together as a PDF for free download. This is for fwriction : review. While you’re waiting for those stories, check out every other link I gave you. Once you’re done with the reading of wonderful stories, you’ll find yourself at Tumblr. Then you’ll never know what hit you—if it hasn’t already hit you and taken hours and hours of your time from you.

I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal, no? All things considered?