Monday, October 31, 2011

they can't mace the whole human race

Hope you're enjoying NOÖ [13]! This is our biggest issue yet, so be sure to browse extensively, maybe check out some new names you've never heard of. And be sure to leave comments. Everyone likes comments.

—Print issues will be appearing in cozy physical spaces once I get them from the printer and get them out into the world. We've got a pretty extensive distribution network lined up, but we always like to send to new places, so let us know (editors -at- noojournal -dot- com) if you want some NOÖs in your town. As always: they're free.

—Watch out for new NOÖ Weekly editions coming soon, guest-edited by Ani Smith and Laura Eve-Engel! I'm stoked to get both of these online and keep the NOÖ times rolling.

—Speaking of rolling, submissions are open again for fiction and poetry. Read the latest issues to get a sense of what we like and send away. We're currently reading for NOÖ [14], which will come out next year.

Thursday, October 27, 2011