Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DZANC's Best of the Web 2009 Now Available! Featuring NOÖ Authors! Win A Free Copy!


Be sure to order a copy of DZANC's Best of the Web 2009, edited by Lee K. Abbott and Nathan Leslie, featuring Claudia Smith's story "Babyfat" from NOÖ [8] and a pecan grove of awesome writing, including many NOÖ and Magic Helicopter Press authors.

Strapped for cash? Win a free BoTW 2009 by writing a 1 line sequel to any story or poem in the NOÖ archive. Post your entry in the comments section of this blog post. We'll pick our favorite and send that winner/wittier a free copy of BoTW 2009 and even some mystery swag. But act fast! Deadline: August 1st.

Again, here's the deal: 1 line sequel for 1 free copy! Pick any story or poem in the NOÖ archives and write a 1 line sequel. Post your entry in the comments section of this post. Deadline: August 1st. Our favorite will win a free BoTW 2009!

Boom! So easy. Go!


Morgan Harlow said...

a 1 line sequel to (from issue 8)

Love Is
--K. Silem Mohammad
a translation of Ricardo Aleixo

Now becomes forever
and not as I imagined.

Morgan Harlow

Gerard Kibbey said...

Where I Am Right Now
--Patricia Parkinson

I reminded Shelby that Ringo is still alive. She bought a plane ticket.

David E. Oprava said...

1 line sequel to...

A Soldier Sways on a Swing- by Liz Gallagher:

"Staggering sanguine commas and colons across the TV screen, still sparking like pressed eyeballs, long after the power's gone."

dahl said...

one line sequel to Noah Cicero´s Two hard workers.

"Yosef has forgotten his past in concentration camp, concentrates in giving people what they need, quick and big profits, in his job as financial analyst in stock-market, and occasionally, behind his back, he is called neoliberal Nazi by his customers, who have been disapointed."

Rita Dahl

Clara English said...

--Deborah Blakely

Is pulling out the needle; pulling yourself up, and forgetting all the shit and blood and pain; is shining the world up and making it new.

Sam said...

[I Am a Lion Birthing a Kitten
-Evelyn Hampton]:

In some future time and place I meet a milkman who knows about a tidal wave headed straight for all my villages; I smash a bottle of half fat over his head and run until I taste something metallic and wrong.

Dan Burt said...

One line (stanza) sequel to (from Issue Two)

Blind Sailor's Lament
by Jean Hendrickson

At night he retires with more sad thoughts / and he cannot help but sob / as he dreams of Brandy in the harbor town / and his nautical friend Spongebob

carahnaseemexploded said...

One-line(unit?) sequel to "The Ghost of Wells" by Alex Burford.

Noam Chomsky couldn't build himself / a home, and he couldn't die inside.

Peycho Kanev said...


for Darby Larson


or drown in pink.

Mo said...

But What Happened to We the Astronauts?
--Bryan Coffelt

We cleared the space between the salt and fingers, laying our hands upon it space above us and any love.

Ekaterina Ilieva - Ili said...

One line (stanza) sequel to Arnt Sneve, photographer.

This planet full of angry sadness,
mere tear, cry for help and moan -
has beauty - all reflections,
which ban us - life of lone.

Stefanie Freele said...

1 line sequel from Antonios Maltezos "Garbage"

That night around the fire, their mother jiggled her sneakered foot and toed the dirt with her bare other, while singing, a pleasant song they all enjoyed, one she reserved only for the best dinners.

Stefanie Freele