Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting In on the Action: NOÖ Knows Stories #0 (Featuring Nick Antosca)

We here at NOÖ are excited to play along with Short Story Month, championed by such stalwarts as the Emerging Writing Network and the Fiction Writers Review. Unlike those places, who are making very impressive and durable efforts to celebrate short stories, we at NOÖ are excited to unveil our weird and lazy plan, which is as follows:

I have emailed fifty cool people whose interesting thoughts on short stories I've A) heard or B) read, and I've invited those fifty people to "type 200 words as fast as they can" about a specific story. We will post these on this here NOÖ Journal blog, and here's hoping they will serve as supplements to the noble action happening elsewhere, like maybe they will be like Jell-O shots after the dinner.

Already we have our first participant, who just emailed me fifteen seconds ago, and who managed to impressively not follow the rules at all: Nick Antosca, author of Midnight Picnicwhich is not a short story—and "Rachel Mia's Existence"—which is a short story—has written in to declare that: "A bad short story is like spinach but a good short story is like sex-flavored sorbet." Thanks for your efforts, Nick. Stay tuned for more!

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