Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cami Park

We at NOÖ Journal are deeply blue to announce that Cami Park has passed away. Cami lived in Nevada, and she was a sly and observant writer, someone whose work knew the world tenderly and could—as Scott Garson put it—"wake you up where you sleep." Cami was also a generous and delightful person to correspond with. Read some of her work at Fictionaut, Necessary Fiction, Night Train, PANK, and No Tell Motel. Her story “Everyone the Same But Not At Once” appeared in NOÖ [11]. Her blog can be found here. Visit this post at HTMLGIANT for more links and remembrances.  I am sad to have never met Cami Park in person to tell her how much I enjoyed her writing.  Cami’s words will live on and around in these windows of ours. She will be missed.

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