Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NOÖ Journal Zine Scene Spotlight

"From its very beginning, when Mike Young and Kyle Peterson founded the journal in Mt. Shasta, California, the mission was clear: to capture the contradicting nuances of place and hold a mirror to the community. Tension builds character-erects setting-drives time. Enlarging the localized tension for presentation makes art." — Deep thanks to Juan Carlos Reyes for his awesome spotlight/retrospective of NOÖ over at the Zine Scene. NOÖ has changed a lot in the six years we've been around, and Reyes does a good job narrating that history. There's also an interview with me in which I identify our dominant aesthetic as "a voice that would prefer sneaking away from the kitchen party and out to the shed, to make castles out of foraged Cheez-Wiz cans." Thanks, Juan!

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