Monday, July 18, 2011

NOÖ Weekly: Duende Edition (guest-edited by Ben Kopel)

Originally, the duende was a kind of Latin American goblin, from the same roots as dueño, the "real owner of the house." But thanks to Lorca, duende also means art for people who bring down the house (and hearth and heart) in soul-crushing fashion. Which brings us to the dark concoctive assembly skills of Ben Kopel, our newest guest-editor of NOÖ Weekly, and he is bringing us all the duende we can handle: dream chimes, roof capers, wanderer's sadness, king cake babies, donkey-baboon-capybara-woodchuck-kangaroo hips, death pole-dances to Nelly Furtado, landslide poetry comics, gold cobras, zombie cults, nightblooming, and one of the most epic love poems I've ever read.

Here are the beautiful goblins involved: LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Graham Foust, Chelsea Hogue, Gordan Massman, Bianca Stone, and Matthew Suss.

Definitely pet your inner duende and check it out. And stay tuned soon for a sneak peak at NOÖ [13], which is due out next month! In the meantime, in the duende spirit, here is a list of the songs iTunes randomly fed me while I put this edition together:

Back To Me - The Positions
Be A Little Quieter - Porter Wagoner
Hope & Fulfillment - Langhorne Slim
If The Brakeman Turns My Way - Bright Eyes
A Little Louder, Love - Connie Converse
Whiskey In the Jar - The Dubliners
Hearts of Palm - Ravens & Chimes
One Night Stand - The Pipettes
Bible Club - Adam Green
Here's to the Days - Drake's Hotel
Wake Up Hill - Old Man Luedecke
Leah - Roy Orbison
Duplexes of the Dead / Automatic Husband / Ex-Guru (Live on KCRW) - The Fiery Furnances
Try to Think About Me - Herman Dune
New York Is Killing Me - Gil Scott-Heron
Victory - Trampled By Turtles
Hold On To Your Breath - Simon Joyner
Oceans - The Format
Orion Town 2 - Frontier Ruckus
Where the River Let Out - Dave Dondero
Four Long Years - Oh! Sweet Music
Living and the Dead - Dave Dondero
All This Time - The Heartless Bastards

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