Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here I am, new intern. Be gentle.

The first thing I want to post about is something I've been damn-near obsessed with for the past few weeks:

HOUSEFIRE, an extended "sort of a sister-cousin site" of METAZEN "that focuses on writers making writers write" begins their run with a flash fiction prompt collection from writers such as Riley Michael Parker and Frank Hinton (Brother and Mother Superior), Caitlin Laura Galway, Ryan W. Bradley, and our very own Mike Young—and that’s barely scraping the list.

I had fallen heels over head with the project before even realizing Mike had written something for it. Flash fiction prompts are an old favorite, and see a huge group of writers pooling their talents for the cause… why, it warms my cold, cold heart.

The initial prompt is “first time,” which has the danger of falling flat in the less talented of hands, but is already off the charts with momentum of anything but. The only kind of danger here is good kind of danger. Wander with your imagination and take a walk. The topics are ranging far and farer in between, some opting to choose the obvious route of that awkward virginity-stealing occasion (or, just losing it on vacation and hoping it would turn up somewhere) where some choose the less likely fat, white worm using an earlobe as a home forever and ever.

Want some prison whoring? Need to be torn in two, down through the mattress to forget every loss? Dying for an old man of indiscriminate accent? Better yet, would you like to fall in love with a mirror girl? Of course you do, I didn’t ask these questions to take up space.

You know where I’m going with this.

HOUSEFIRE releases two or three stories a day. Satisfying the craving but enough to keep you wanting more. How many more can the internet handle? I say stuff it with more and more until it bursts. Continue on that walk with your imagination, stop and let it sniff.

If you haven’t already found this collection and devoured it, go to allthingsburn.tumblr.com to get your fix. When you’re done with that, actually eat something. You’re starving.

HOUSEFIRE is also working on a nifty, tentatively titled TWO-FIFTY, limited edition chapbook that needs the support on Facebook in order to be come a reality—as real as the ity can get, so go like the page so you can get your hands on some goodness. Jump on the book of faces and like the HOUSEFIRE page for the awesome to occur.

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