Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I opened the envelope and it was full of blue butterfly wings

After weeks of heavy deliberation and much hand-wringing (or maybe it was just a tryptaphane induced coma?), we're proud to announce a winner of the latest NOӦ contest!
The envelope please (insert drumroll here).....

And the winner is: Sarah

Here's the scene of wonderful, white dwarf imagery her right brain gave birth to, right here, on this very site, on the very wrong subject of craziest dreams involving literary figures:
Sara said...

"I was picnicking with Vladimir Nabokov and Michael Phelps in a wooded clearing.

Michael Phelps was devouring his usual 10,000 calorie breakfast – the whole buffet – eggs, bacon, pancakes, French Toast, a few roast chickens, a couple of liters of Coke.

Nabokov said, "No, no, Michael Phelps. That's no way to start the day.”

He brought out a basket of delicately fried iridescent blue butterfly wings from under the wooden table where we three sat. He began eating them one by one in dainty little nibbles, with great relish.

"See," he said, as he continued crunching. "Like this."

Though I was sitting between them, I said nothing."

Sometimes it's better to say nothing.
Stoicism rocks.
As do crunchy blue butterfly wings for breakfast.

So, are you Sarah (are you in the marketplace in Savanna-la-Mar?)?

If you are, please come to the customer service desk located in the back of this blog to claim your prize (or, just drop us a line at: editors@noojournal.com), a brand spanking new copy of Dennis Cooper's book "Smothered in Hugs!"

If you're not Sarah, please stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming...

and we're off to see the wizard


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