Friday, October 1, 2010

Two new Drunk Sonnet write-ups

Some Drunk Sonnet news from the interwebs. At Molossus, Vlad Osso writes: "The accomplishment of Bailey’s all-caps sonnets ... transcend the gimmick of their genesis to achieve a sort of beauty that aches with simple honesty."

Meanwhile, on his blog, Zachary Whalen writes: "This book is like a crazy homeless man that runs into your bedroom screaming and distributing Xeroxed pamphlets in a haphazard fashion, but somehow he ends up becoming your best friend and you ride a Ferris wheel together and you both stare off at the distant lights of the earth and the stars in the sky and contemplate the mistakes you've made in your respective lives in a calm, accepting manner."

Thanks Vlad and Zachary!

If you haven't already picked up a copy of The Drunk Sonnets, you should soon, because we're almost sold out of the first run.

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