Friday, January 1, 2010

Submissions Now Re-Open For NOÖ Journal / Magic Helicopter Press Catalog For 2010

Hi friends,

Two big news items for a new decade:

1) Submissions now re-open for NOÖ Journal! Click here to see the new Submission Guidelines.

2) The Magic Helicopter Press catalog for 2010 has been announced! See below:

Spirit Cake, a pocket-sized writing book with illustrations and inspiration, featuring artwork from Evah Fan (including the image to the left), and delightful writing prompts from Gabe Durham, Sam Pink, Tao Lin, Chelsea Martin, Dara Wier, Mathias Svalina, Heather Christle, and more TBA. Also includes plenty of lush blank pages. A collectible notebook. A tender gift. COMING FEBRUARY 2010.

We Were Eternal and Gigantic, a chapbook of prose and poetry from Evelyn Hampton featuring houseboats, glacial till, moonwalking, wolverine kits, and really great mustard-colored skies. COMING APRIL 2010.

Smiles of the Unstoppable, the third full length collection of poetry from Jason Bredle, author of Standing In Line For the Beast (New Issues Press, 2007) and Pain Fantasy (Red Morning Press, 2007). These are hilarious and swooning poems, caramel in sensibility and endless in feeling. COMING SUMMER 2010.

Today and Tomorrow, a novel by Ofelia Hunt. A stunning adventure of identity melting, ice skating, memory, and consciousness. Hunt's inimitable prose splays and pets its way to new skins of expression. COMING WINTER 2010.

Less Shiny & Typewriter, the return to print of Mary Miller's and Jimmy Chen's popular chapbooks, with second editions of 50 copies each. COMING FEBRUARY 2010.


Matt Bell said...

This is a great 2010 catalog, Mike! I can't wait to read these, especially the Hampton and Bredle. Congrats on lining up another great year!

Anonymous said...

Springtime's dream.

When the
breath disappears
in the pallor
of an eternal
dream I see
beautiful skies
on the sound
of a springtime.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Mike Young said...

thanks matt!

thanks for the poem comment, francesco

Sangeeta said...

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