Friday, December 4, 2009

Erin McNellis on The Drunk Sonnets

At the blog Uncomplicatedly, Erin McNellis has written a terrific and thorough essay on Daniel Bailey's Drunk Sonnets that contextualizes the poems—quite thoughtfully—in the landscape of contemporary poetry and contemporary poetic sincerity. From the essay:

What gets me so excited about Drunk poetry as written by Bailey and friends is that it breaks down the pervasive assumption that experimental form is incompatible with emotional content ... I am not proposing that a return to Byronic levels of sincerity is imminent or even advisable, but that as we feel our way back from posturing in silly haircuts to occasionally being able to say what we mean, we are going to encounter a lot of weird situations that look a lot like Bailey’s poems.

Thanks, Erin!


Joyce Madden said...


What happened to the Heather Christle giveaway?

Mike Young said...

Hi Joyce,

Good call. I will announce the winner this weekend. My apologies for the delay.


Erin McNellis said...

Thanks for the link! And for publishing such interesting work.