Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Matt Bell reviews Less Shiny

Mary Miller on a boat
Matt Bell has great things to say in his review of Mary Miller's Less Shiny, just released from our books division - Magic Helicopter Press.

Here's an excerpt from his post:
Miller's characters spiral toward each other, only to too often find that the opposing person wasn't the accident they were destined to have, that they still have to go further, to find the next tragedy waiting beyond. So few of Miller's characters get the resolution they seek--these stories seem like mere blips along the path of their downward trajectories, or else polaroids taken only seconds before they hit bottom--but there is always a sense that the characters will, sooner or later, arrive, although they might also find that those destinations are stranger, sadder, angrier places than the places they'd just left.
Thanks, Matt Bell, for the coverage, and if you haven't already, order the book. There are only 75 copies.

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