Thursday, November 6, 2008

number 9 number 9

NOÖ [nine] is almost here! Check out this tentative list of contributors:

Nick Antosca
Deborah Blakely
Vittorio F. Cavalli
John Casey
Jimmy Chen
Christopher Cheney
Tanya Chernov
Jack Christian
Brooklyn Copeland
Michael DeForge
Rachel B. Glaser
Evelyn Hampton
Kyle Hemmings
Michael Hsiung
Grace Jamison
Michael Jauchen
Gregory Lytle
Erika Mikkalo
Patricia Parkinson
Adam Peterson
Ashley Reaks
Peter Jay Shippy
Jimmy Sober
Randy Thurman

plus reviews by Bradley Sands, Gabe Durham, and Bryan Coffelt of the following authors: Sam Pink, Chelsea Martin & Ellen Kennedy & Caroline Lacey, Aaron Lowinger, and Abraham Lincoln